Why choose myMolsonCoors?

Why choose myMolsonCoors

What do our customers say about myMolsonCoors?

“It's just because it's so easy to use I only just started to use it this week and I found it all really straight forward even though I have never used it before”

“Since you have updated the website, it is loads more user friendly.”

“The website is so easy. It's easy to add products or look for new products, the search engine is good. It is also easy to take products off that we no longer want to stock. Because we order weekly that has shortened the process and if I am not wanting to take a product, I can easily block it off. I can also get a product as a one off easily. The website is just very simple to use.”

"I am able to add to an order at the last minute and it will still be delivered on time. I am able build up an order over the course of a week and this makes it easier to get everything I need.”

“It's just easy, the ease of setting it up and the ease of using it is brilliant. It's really straightforward and just a case of clicking what you want.”

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