Sharps Offshore Pilsner 30L KEG

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  • Unit of Measurement: Keg
  • Sales Unit: KEG
  • ABV: 4.80%
  • Size: 30L

Offshore Pilsner is inspired by those rare moments when the wind turns offshore to create perfectly clean waves and that feeling of cool, refreshing sea spray on your face. A pilsner that’s as satisfying as that perfect wave. Well almost.

At Sharp’s we’ve worked hard behind the scenes to develop a brand identity worthy of our world award winning* beer and set it up for a bright future as one of the UK’s leading Pilsners with the following benefits;

  • Quality, premium ingredients
  • A bolder visual identity and memorable brand name to increase brand appeal
  • Packaging in can, which offers many benefits including protection from light strike, space saving in fridges and greater appeal to a new generation of drinkers. A beautiful stemmed glass (seen overleaf) will ensure a premium serve.

*Named ‘World’s Best Lager’ at the World Beer Awards 2013