Blue Moon 12 X 330ml Bottle

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  • Bitter: 2
  • Sweet: 4
  • Region of Origin: Great Britain
  • ABV: 5.40%
  • Price Guide: ££££ - Super Premium
  • Pack Format: Non-Returnable Bottle
  • Size: 330ml
  • Food Match: Pairs well with seafood such as grilled shrimp, Asian dishes like Pad Thai, and marinated chicken dishes.

First brewed in 1995, Blue Moon is the number 1 craft beer in the USA .
Creating a twist on a traditional Belgian style, Blue Moon is slightly sweeter than traditional Belgian Wits which are tart.
Garnished with a slice of orange for the iconic serve, bringing out the subtle sweetness in the brew.
Unfiltered for depth of flavour - will have a cloudy appearance
Brewed with Orange Peel and Coriander.