Staropramen 50L KEG

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  • Unit of Measurement: Keg
  • Sales Unit: KEG
  • ABV: 5.00%
  • Price Guide: ££
  • Pack Format: KEG
  • Size: 11g

Staropramen is a premium lager from Prague, brewed with love and passion for nearly 150 years.Staropramen’s unique appetising and rounded taste means it appeals to all beer lovers and no matter where you enjoy Staropramen you can be sure it has the spirit of Prague in every sip.  In 1869 in the heart of Bohemia two men had a dream of making a truly special beer for the people of Prague. They set about making this beer with only the fi nest ingredients from the malted barley to Saaz hops and special Czech yeast, creating a pilsner that delivered intense malt fl avour with hints of honey and a unique hoppiness.