Carling 20L KEG

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  • Unit of Measurement: Keg
  • Sales Unit: KEG
  • Sweet: 3
  • Bitter: 3
  • ABV: 4.00%
  • Price Guide: ££
  • Pack Format: KEG
  • Size: 20L

APPEARANCE: Pale, clear, mid-carbonation.

AROMA: Malty, sweetcorn/popcorn aroma, this comes from the British barley.

TASTE: Well balanced and perfectly refreshing.

MOUTHFEEL: Easy-drinking.

FINISH: Some bitterness, clean and balanced.

Carling is the UK’s No.1 lager and has been for  over 30 years*.  Carling has a balanced flavour, of sweetness and

bitterness ensuring its perfect refreshment appeals to a wide range of people. Carling is brewed with 100% British barley which is Red Tractor accredited and Burton water, which is the perfect for brewing

*Source: CGA On Premise Measurement Data MAT to 2016 P11.