Carling 20L Keg

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  • Bitter: 3
  • Sweet: 3
  • Region of Origin: Great Britain
  • ABV: 4.00%
  • Price Guide: ££
  • Pack Format: Keg
  • Size: 20L
  • Food Match: Food Pair: Carling Pairs With Traditional British Pub Food Dishes.

APPEARANCE: Pale, clear, mid-carbonation.

AROMA: Malty, sweetcorn/popcorn aroma, this comes from the British barley.

TASTE: Well balanced and perfectly refreshing.

MOUTHFEEL: Easy-drinking.

FINISH: Some bitterness, clean and balanced.

Carling is the UK’s No.1 lager and has been for  over 30 years*.  Carling has a balanced flavour, of sweetness and

bitterness ensuring its perfect refreshment appeals to a wide range of people. Carling is brewed with 100% British barley which is Red Tractor accredited and Burton water, which is the perfect for brewing

*Source: CGA On Premise Measurement Data MAT to 2016 P11.

Proudly brewed in Burton-on-Trent, we believe in making it where we’re from. And yet, towns like ours are often overlooked or written off. Together, as a community, we’re pushing ourselves to create great things. And thanks to every single one of you, Carling isn’t just Britain’s No.1 Beer*, it’s put Burton-on-Trent firmly on the map.

There are also people across the country who demonstrate what Made Local is all about. People who are making it where they are from and giving back to their community. People with stories like ours - stories that we believe are truly worth telling.

One such story is Black Country Fusion FC, a local LGBTQ and non-league football club in the West Midlands and the focus of Carling’s latest advert within the Made Local campaign.