Stella Artois 45.5L Keg

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  • Exclusive To Molson Coors: No
  • Region of Origin: Belgium
  • ABV: 4.80%
  • Price Guide: No
  • Pack Format: Keg
  • Size: 45.5L
  • Food Match: Medium hop intensity in both floral and bitter notes and some residual sweetness from its malts means Stella Artois has several flavours notes to pair with food. Like most lagers its carbonation can aid it when pairing with fatty, rich and fried foods, as long as the intensity isn’t to high.
A Blond Belgian Pils. Easy Drinking With Malty, Pronounced Hoppy Bitterness And A Crisp Dry Finish. 4.8%. Stella Artois features a pleasantly bitter flavour and refreshing finish, allowing it to be paired with a variety of dishes. Its uniqueness is heightened by the distinct, pale golden colour that allows beer drinkers around the world to appreciate that Stella Artois is indeed a thing of beauty.