Budweiser 50L Keg

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  • Exclusive To Molson Coors: No
  • Region of Origin: USA
  • ABV: 4.30%
  • Price Guide: ££ - Standard
  • Pack Format: Keg
  • Size: 50L
  • Food Match: Slightly more body and alcohol intensity than a light lager means Budweiser can stand up against a bit more flavour. However, it’s most perfectly matched with low/medium intensity fatty and fried foods that are a staple of most menus. The American classic of Hamburger and chips are a match made in heaven for an ice cold American lager like Budweiser.
World famous Budweiser takes twice as long to brew as most other beers, yielding a balanced flavour from a mixture of innovative rice, traditional barley and malt, and enhanced by beechwood chips during fermentation, for a smooth, fast finish with a clean aftertaste.