Skinner's Cornish Knocker 9G 4.50% Cask

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  • Bitter: 3
  • Sweet: 3
  • Exclusive To Molson Coors: No
  • Region of Origin: Great Britain
  • ABV: 4.50%
  • Price Guide: ££ - Standard
  • Pack Format: Cask
  • Size: 9G
  • Food Match: A perfect pairing for shellfish, Thai dishes or a double cheeseburger with fries.
Knockers were tin-mine-dwelling folk who would knock to lead miners to the richest seams, so long as the miners left them a little of their pasties when they ate. Cornish Knocker is Skinner's iconic, premium golden ale. The taste of the delicate floral hops trails citrus with a slight pine bitterness and leaves you with a mild biscuit taste (posh ones, not your average digestive).