Agricultural Brewing Ingredients Policy

We are committed to source our agricultural brewing ingredients in a manner that recognizes and embraces Molson Coors quality, safety and sustainability standards.

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Alcohol Responsibility Policy

As core to our integrity value, Molson Coors is committed to alcohol responsibility in its business practices.

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Board Committees

Click the links below to view charters for the various Board Committees.

Code of Business Conduct

Molson Coors Brewing Company's Code of Business Conduct: A Guide for Living Our Brew, is a guide to making decisions that are consistent with our values. The code is published in 12 languages: English, Bulgarian, Croatian, Czech, French, Hindi, Hungarian, Japanese, Montenegrin, Romanian, Serbian and Spanish.

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Employment Principles

We are committed to fostering open and inclusive workplaces that are based on recognized workplace human rights, where all employees are valued, engaged and inspired to be the best they can be.

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Energy Policy

Our policy pertains to all activities of Molson Coors that consume, or have an influence on the consumption of, energy within our operations and business processes worldwide.

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GMO Ingredients

We monitor public discussions regarding GM ingredients and are in full compliance with health, food, safety, labeling and ingredient regulations in each of our markets.

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Packaging Policy

Molson Coors is committed to sourcing from suppliers, who deliver our packaging materials in a manner that embraces our sustainability and quality standards.

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Political Contributions Principles

We engage in the political environment in order to inform public policy makers on company and industry issues and practices and to promote corporate responsibility, including the responsible promotion and consumption of our products.

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Quality, Food Safety, Environmental, Health & Safety Policy

We hold ourselves accountable by maintaining safe workplaces, providing employee training, complying with applicable Quality, Food Safety, Environmental, Health & Safety regulations and requiring a demonstrated commitment to our Quality, Food Safety, Environmental, Health & Safety Policy and Principles from all employees within the organization.

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Safe Harbor Privacy Policy

Molson Coors Brewing Company and its operating and non-operating subsidiary companies in the United States adheres to the seven Safe Harbor privacy principles.

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Supplier Standards

Molson Coors' Supplier Standards extend our corporate responsibility practices to our complex supply chain.

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Volunteer Policy

We encourage our people to make a difference in their communities and to the environment, and support volunteering through company sponsored and other approved events.

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Alcohol Wholesaler Registration Scheme

We want to make it easy for our wholesaler customers and suppliers to access information about Molson Coors UK as required under the new Alcohol Wholesaler Registration Scheme (AWRS) introduced by HM Revenue and Customs.

Molson Coors UK & Ireland’s AWRS number is XJAW00000102268.

We will include our AWRS registration number on all our invoices from April 1 2017 and comply with industry standards for locating AWRS registration numbers on the different types of electronic and manual invoices.

You can download the necessary information about our business below:

General Terms and Conditions of Sale

The General Terms and Conditions of Sale sets out the basis on how we do business with our customers at Molson Coors Brewing Company (UK) Limited.

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