Customer Testimonials

Customer Testimonials

At Molson Coors we are proud of our Customer Service, read below some of the feedback we have received from our customers..

“They cause us no problems at all, always providing us good service across the board. Their deliveries are good, the rep is first class and we have used them for many years.”    (Tom – Osbourne WMC)

“They are good, they do a large range of products which we are happy with and they are really good with deliveries.”    (Sam – Eastbourne Angling Club)

“I think they have the best brands, the best people, good reps - what they say happens, does happen and they call in regularly. Good sales team.”    (Alan – LLwchwr WMC)

“They always deliver to us on time, their dray crew is really good, and the online ordering is really easy.”   (Julie – Wellies)

“They have good competitive price's and their service is really good overall. I have no complaints at all and all issues we might have are sorted out very quickly.”    (Rob – Chapel, Allerton)

“If I ring up for a cellar service technician they'll be out the next day, they're very prompt. Deliveries are always on time.”    (Wendy – The Angel)

“Their customer service is really good, they have everything we want, we get put through quickly on phone to all services, their technical team come out straight away and they have a great dray crew.”    (Deborah – The Old Endeavour)